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"After having the Monkey Bars system in our previous home, we couldn’t wait to have one installed..."

"The Monkey Bars storage system was exactly what we needed to keep our new home’s garage organized..."

"I love my combination of cabinets, work surface, and Monkey Bars shelf/rack system.  Thank you for your..."

"I just love my Monkey Bars garage storage system.  It’s made life with five kids and all their..."

"Keith, thanks for the great job in my garage.  My wife and I are still amazed at the amount of things..."

"Keith, thanks to you and the Monkey Bars System, I feel like I’ve got my garage back!   I will..."

"Keith, I came home Wednesday evening to see the new garage storage solutions and I am really pleased...."

"Keith, Just a follow-up to the installation done on Tuesday. My husband returned home late that night..."

"We are amazed at how much more space the Monkey Bar system has given us. We can now park both cars in..."

"Monkey Bars of Kansas City came and refinished our floor. They did a fantastic job at repairing all the..."

Garage Storage Shawnee Residents Love

At Garage Storage Solutions we take pride in providing you with a unique garage storage solution. There is no greater way to utilize the space in your garage then by installing a system that works! Give us a call to get started on the best garage storage in Shawnee.

Why Garage Storage

No more annual garage clean ups when you can maintain a perfectly organized garage all year round. Our garage storage in Shawnee transforms your garage overnight, leaving you with a space you can fully utilize.

  • Customized Space: Make your garage more a part of your home with a customized garage storage system. Choose between our variety of colors, styles and sizes to get the perfect match for your garage.
  • Double the Amount of Storage Space: The Monkey Bar Storage System not only increases the space in your garage but doubles your available storage space. All of our products come with unique features that allow you to store mass quantities of storage.
  • Adaptable System: All needs eventually change, our system adapts to any situation. Whether you are switching around your storage or moving to a new home, our versatile system will perfectly fit anyways you want it.

Your Garage Just Better

  • Garage Shelving: The Monkey Bar Shelving System is one of the strongest on the market. Choose any of our 10 hook options to layer and hang your storage.
  • Garage Cabinets: Store those unsightly items in our sleek and lockable garage cabinets.
  • Overhead Garage Storage: Securely store seasonal and other long-term items up and out of the way, utilizing that unused ceiling space.
  • Garage Flooring: Choose from a variety of colors and styles to give your floor that professional finishing touch.

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Garage Storage ShawneeOur One of a Kind Process

Contact Us: Give us a call to set up a day & time that works best for you!

Professional Estimate: We come to your home and personally assess all of your garage needs. Deciding which product will best fit your storage, we guide you through every step of the way.

Quick Installation: All of our products come with a guaranteed warranty, only taking 1-2 days to install.

Give your garage the gift of storage this year! Contact us for the best garage storage in Shawnee.

by on May 29, 2012